Bedroom Decorating Colors


Color of your room plays the vital role in decorating your room’s interior. Colors have an immediate and long-lasting effect on your mood. The most important question is selecting the right shade of color which will give you the feeling of calmness, relaxation and peace.

Choosing the perfect scheme of colors is very important for your bedroom. Try to pick a color which is soothing and relaxing. Think of using soft and peaceful colors like light shade of yellows or green or blues. You can try for lavender or warm brown shades also. While trying to add a touch of romance to your bedroom walls, you can select colors like red or pink or burgundy. You can also consider coloring the walls in two different shades to bring out a mixed feeling of romance as well as calmness. You can go for a wall paper on one side of the wall and paint the other three sides with a color that would blend well with wall paper. Another important tip would be to keep the colors of the walls in lighter shade and have the ceiling painted in white to make the room look really illuminated.

When you’re planning to use your bedroom as a place to work during sometime of the day, then you should choose a color which is vibrant and bright to give you a feel of energy.

There are various shades of colors which look good on the bedroom walls. You can opt for a combination of neutral colors like white, black or gray; or earth colors or shades of blues or greens. Neutral paints are normally used to tone down the intensity of the color by mixing with beige or white to give a pastel effect or by mixing with shades of brown to create an earth color. One of the best color shades can be created by mixing neutrals with colors. It is true that our environment plays a major part in choosing the colors of our room as nature has great influence on us. Different color have different effect on the human mind. The shades of browns give a nurturing feeling to our mind. The combination of shades of green and brown, work well in bedroom as they give a feeling of coziness and warmth. A tip for a bedroom with tranquil effect would be use of fewer colors with minimum use of patterns and should also maintain a low use of contrast between dark and light shades of color.
Also you have to always remember that the lighting of your Bedroom plays a very important role in determining the mood of your bedroom. Check out the Bedroom Lighting Ideas.

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