Composite Decking Design Ideas

Composite Decking Design Ideas

If you are considering installing composite decking, but have not yet bought your deck boards or come up with a design plan, you are reading this article at the best time. Today we are going to be listing just a few wonderful and unique composite decking ideas, showing just how versatile composite deck boards are, and just a few of the ways that they can be utilised.

Here goes:

Mix and match colours – When buying composite decking many people choose to lay the same colour boards throughout their entire space, however there are other options available with a rising number of people choose to mix and match colours. You can either mix up the colours of your boards to create an eye-catching design, or create different coloured zones in your garden should you prefer.

Think vertical – Composite decking does not have to be laid flat, it can also be used as wall covering – and a very impressive one at that. Some people choose to create spaces with composite decking as fooling and walling, which looks amazing.

Choose a deck shape – Consider whether you would like to create a shape with your deck, some people choose to have a small box of composite inside a larger box and then inside another larger box, whereas some people just like their composite to be plain and to cover their full floor space.

Use composite decking indoors too – Consider adding complementary composite decking to the inside of your home as well as outside, this can work to really bring the two together, creating a complete design.

Composite decking UK is quickly becoming very popular, and as you can see, it can be used in so many wonderful ways to create a range of looks. For more details and to order yours, visit DesignBoard today.

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