How to choose paint colors for your bedroom?


Choosing a right color for your bedroom can be very tricky. As a general rule light colors make your room look bigger and spacious while dark colors might make your room look small. A white color ceiling goes well with dark colored walls. Darker walls highlight the view outdoors and can make wooden furniture pop. It also adds drama into the house. Dark is also great for uneven plaster walls and gives a matte finish.

Find something that you like. It may be a picture in a magazine or a curtain, a piece of clothing, may be an artwork in your room. Anything thats appealing to you will do.

Paint companies put out booklets that contains suggested paint combination. Pick something from there that looks good. You can look up the color in the back of the magazine. If you are going with the paint combination then it is a good idea to color the door and window frames with the same color used in the photo.

Nature can be a great inspiration. Look around your house for color ideas. Trees may suggest an earthy palette of greens and browns. A beach setting might suggest vivid blues, turquoises, and coral colors.
Even the garden in your front yard can inspire exciting color combinations. Take a snapshot and see the colors you like.

Also you have to choose a color that will go with the colors of the furniture of the room. Also think of fabric of your room. You can choose a color from your fabric too. You can also pick a color that complements the props of the room like picture frames or lamp shade or artwork. Choose something that enhances your bedroom.

Natural light also affects the color of choice. East facing room will glow in the morning if pained with bright color. A north facing room on the other hand will benefit from brighter color due to subdued lighting.

Take that chosen color to your local paint store and pick up the color chips. Also take some sample that are two shade darker and two shade lighter. Pick Six or seven of those colors. If possible buy those mini
paint packs and take them home.

Take a 1’x1′ cardboard and put primer. Color the primer with your chosen color and tape them on your wall for 2-3 days. If you like it take it out and put it on another wall. That way you know how it will look in your room in different lighting conditions and moods.

If you are going for a complete bedroom makeover these are some simple ways to choose the perfect color for your bedroom. Before applying the color consult with the pro painters of your local painting shop. Happy coloring.

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