Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Master bedrooms are normally the largest bedrooms in a house which is occupied by the owner of the house or the head of the family. Bedroom is the place which is your very private abode to relaxation. Its decoration therefore should evoke your inner feelings, your ideas of peace and comfort. Your master bedroom is your own gateway to a happy and relaxing moment after a day full of stress and busy schedules.

All your ideas for decorating the master bedroom should therefore reflect your personality. It is essential to find out few things before you set out to decorate your bedroom. How big is your room – more so if you’re sharing it with someone else, is there space enough to accommodate two people when they dress or move around? What kind of activities are you planning to have in your master bedroom apart from sleeping – whether you want to keep your television or computer or exercising equipment in the same room? If you’ll use your bedroom for your makeup, then you need to ensure that there is proper light where you can place your mirror for the same. Is there enough space in the room to fit a sitting area so that you need not have to use the bed for sitting purposes?

After deciding on the above issues, it’s now time to think about the decorating ideas. It’s good to put green plants in your bedroom. It will give you an added energy when you wake up and see the nature around you. Normally a master bedroom has a standard bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, a closet, a seating arrangement for reading books. The most important tip for bedroom decoration is to avoid clutter. More spacious look of your bedroom will give more soothing effect to your eyes. Stay away from putting any kind of shelves or headboards over your bed or avoid putting strip lighting as they will make your bed look bigger than its actual size. If your room has a very large window, you can place your bed near it and put long curtains on it. To give a more sophisticated and elegant look to your bedroom try putting a canopy on your bed and color it in either beige or white or a combination of both. Put a stylish lamp near your bed to add glamour to your room. You can save space by having a mirror on the wardrobe itself. This way you can conveniently get a mirror of full-length which will also make your room look bigger.

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