Master Bedroom Lighting


Your bedroom is the place where you unwind and relax after a day full of tensions and it is also the place where you spend the maximum time in your home. It is the most personal room in your home and that you can forget about all your tensions and totally give in to the soothing colors and décor of the room. The feeling of relaxation can be created with the right kind of lighting.

You can enjoy the day time natural light in your bedroom if you have plenty of windows. The warm sunlight gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. You can also choose to fit lights on the walls either close to ceiling or lower area near the floor at a distance so that the walls are properly lighted which is not too glaring. This way the room will look bigger, more so when the rooms are painted in lighter shades.

If you want to tone down the overhead light which is fitted at the center of your room then put a fixture which will conceal the bulb. Else you can put a dimmer switch whereby you can control the intensity of light and will give your room the perfect ambience. You can also install floor as well as table lamps near your bed which look elegant and will also provide you enough light for reading. There are various shades of bulb available. For a softer ambience select a frosted or soft white bulb. If you want your skin tones to look brighter, choose a pale pink bulb. The bulbs in tungsten shade will give away a pleasant feeling.

The switches should be placed at the convenient locations so that it’s easy for you to operate from your bed also. You may also consider putting shades to darken your room if you’re habituated to sleeping in total darkness. You can install lights on your dressing table which can be adjusted according to daylight or evening or natural light so that you can conveniently apply makeup.

The bedrooms are not only used for sleeping but they are used for other purposes like home offices, for exercising or simply for hanging out. So right kind of bedroom lights would be needed for you to perform these activities properly. Moreover, these bedroom light fixtures increase the beauty of your room and bring in a touch of elegance. Like the bedroom lamps not only make it convenient for you to read at night but they also bring in a feel of romance in the bedroom. Also check out these master bedroom makeover to make your bedroom more cozy

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