Master Bedroom Makeover


Bedroom is the place where you unwind and relax after a day full of stress and tensions. It is here where you spend some good moment of happiness and togetherness with your loved one. Hence, when your doing a master bedroom makeover it has to be made in such a way that you can forget about all your tensions and totally give in to the soothing colors and décor of the room.

First you have to find out the area of the room and how you want to place the furniture. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you need to determine what kind of furniture you can fit into the room or if you can take out a space for a sitting area.

Selecting the right shade of colors is very important. Select a color which is soothing and relaxing to yours eyes. You should go for soft and peaceful colors like light shade of yellows or green or blues. You may also opt for lavender or warm brown shades. If you want to give your master bedroom a touch of romance, then you can decide on colors like red or pink or burgundy. You can also choose to paint the walls in two different shades of color to evoke a mixed feeling of romance as well as relaxation. You may also put a wall paper on one side of the wall and have the three sides painted with a color that would go well with the wall paper.

You can decorate your bedroom with all those things that are close to you like having family photos, your favorite old furniture or books. In case you have a fireplace in your master bedroom, decorate with artworks and paintings that give an elegant look to the fireplace. Think of removing the television from the bedroom if you presently have one there.

Television may disrupt your sleep if you get hooked on to watching a particular television program late at night. It also takes away the quality time which you would have otherwise spent with your loved one. Always remember to keep your room free from clutter. This will in turn help you to relax and de-stress yourself.

Lights play another important role in your bedroom decoration. With change in lights you can successfully change the mood of your bedroom. Choose your accessories so that you get the most comfortable and cozy feel. To add up to the elegance of your bedroom, try decorating with scented candles, fresh flowers or plants, etc.

Bedroom can become a showpiece even though it is supposed to be the place for your privacy. The bedroom decorations can reveal yet another dimension of your personality. Also here are some great Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas for you.

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