Small Bedroom Makeover


Your bedroom is the place where you spend the maximum time and hence it should be done in such a way so that it becomes the perfect place for you to rejuvenate your mind as well as body. It is the most personal room in your home and so it should be the place where you can be just yourself. It is the best place for you to relax, comfort, soothe and rejuvenate your most inner self.

It is not a matter of worry if you have a smaller bedroom. All you have to do is be more creative while decorating your small bedroom. You first need to understand how you’re going to utilize the available space. Try having wall shelves when you have smaller space to keep your books and curios. This will give you more free space on the floor which you can use for some other purposes.

Closets can be one of the most useful furniture which can be utilized to fit in other furniture like dresser or bookshelves as well as desks. Make optimum use of the closet space so as to get some free space in your room. When living in a small bedroom, loft beds can be very convenient for you. The space below can be easily utilized to keep a reading table or a dresser. You can try putting a shelf on the wall to keep your things of necessity like alarm clock, photos and books. In case you want to place your television in the bedroom, then fit it on the wall instead of occupying the floor space with a TV stand.

The wall color are very important especially for a smaller room. Choose a neutral shade and you can use a combination of two or more such colors to paint the room. You can make your room look bigger by painting the doors and the moldings in the same color that you have used for the wall. Painting the ceilings in white will make the room look bigger. See that the room gets enough light to make it look spacious. Also you can visually add up to the space in your room by placing a mirror just opposite to the window. This will illuminate the room and make it look bigger than its actual size. With all these creative ideas you can bring a huge difference to the look of your bedroom in spite of the space constrains. Check out these Bathroom Decorating Colors.

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