Bradfield Shutter Installations

Bradfield Shutter Installations

If you’re based in or around Bradfield, then please discuss your needs with specialist shutters suppliers Smart Blinds and Shutters. With over 20 years of experience, an enviable reputation and quality products, free measuring and fitting and showrooms conveniently located in Thatcham and Caversham, the firm truly is your local solution provider.

Bradfield shutter installations offer flexibility, privacy and sophisticated space saving solutions at an affordable fee. You’ll find that shutters are energy efficient; maintain a room’s coolness in summer or insulate on cold days. Always take advantage of professional installers skills for the best return on investment and performance, and the warranty offered which delivers peace of mind.

Whether you have a commercial space to furnish or a home, choose from plantation shutters, also known as full height; cafe style, tier on tier, tracked, shaped and solid panel shutters. When selecting your shutters please bear in mind the amounts of privacy and light you want in the space.

Smart Blinds outstanding range of shutters is made from premium bass wood or waterproof thermotic and is available in numerous styles, finishes and colours. There is a perfect shutter for all tastes and budgets.

Shutters predate glass windows

Shutters are increasing in popularity as people seek sleek solutions rather than voluminous curtains or window blinds. They may seem like a contemporary choice but 500 years ago you were far more likely to find shutters than fabric window dressings because they efficiently kept the cold and prying eyes out and any warmth in.

What each shutter style offers:

Plantation shutters feature slats within a frame which cover the window completely when closed, providing maximum security and privacy. These shutters are ideal for blocking out the busy world outside, pedestrians, vehicles, street lights, revellers or passers-by eager to see what inhabitants might be doing.

Café style shutters have slats, but they cover just the lower half of the window, delivering privacy for the people within as a welcome stream of light spills in through the top half. Many of our Bradfield shutter installations have been for this style and we’re sure it will remain a favourite in domestic and commercial settings. Enjoy the continental feel of café style shutters.

Tier on tier shutters have independently managed top and bottom sets of panels so that security, light levels and visibility can be controlled effectively in an attractive manner. These shutters lend themselves to bathroom and bedroom applications.

Tracked shutters are attached to a made to measure track and can be folded back neatly. Commercial spaces and patio doors benefit from this elegant style of shutter.

Why not consider shaped shutters for interesting or unusual window spaces. With free measuring and fitting and the ability to create solutions in numerous shapes and sizes, Smart Blinds and their manufacturing partners will astound you with the perfect window adornment.

Solid panel shutters are ideal for minimising disturbance from outside and provide excellent insulation and privacy. As with the other blinds, enjoy a plethora of design colours and finishes.

Please contact Smart Blinds to learn more and to arrange a survey.

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