Dryer Vent: How Does It Work And Everything A Homeowner Should Know

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Not a lot of homeowners think about their dryer vent when something goes awry. In fact, it is one of the least inspected and maintained things at home that is actually quite important. The amount of misinformation that you might read about dryer vent cleaning could really damage your dryer.

Below are things that you should take note of to easily understand what a dryer vent is, how it works, and how you can maintain its functions long after it’s been installed. These are all done by maintenance while having full knowledge of what you need to do.

What is the dryer vent for?

The dryer vent is what you’ll often see attached to the hood area at the back of the dryer. Through the aluminum tube, anything that goes through the vent will usually be routed to the crawl space of your home. For other setups, the dryer vent can go through the wall and up to the attic. Both of these lead outdoors. Through your dryer vent, any hot air and moisture won’t stay in your home. This ensures that your home won’t mold or rot as easily when you use the dryer.

Why use a dryer vent in the first place?

Other than the health hazards involved due to rotting and molding caused by a ventless dryer, you also have to think about the air conditioning bills that you will have to shoulder if you keep the hot air inside your home. Your AC will have to function twice as hard in order to normalize the temperature inside your home. All of the lint will get everywhere because there’s nothing that’s filtering them. The dryer vent ensures that the moisture coming from your dryer doesn’t affect the efficiency of the dryer itself.

How often should a dryer vent be cleaned?

The more you use your dryer, the more you should check your dryer vent if it has to be cleaned. Any lint that gets trapped in the dryer vent can slowly clog it which will prevent the hot air and moisture from being routed outdoors – the two things that you are supposed to be rid of with a dryer vent. All of the lint that clogs the dryer vent can essentially render it useless which will increase your electric bills because of the efficiency of your dryer, AC, and similar appliances suffering.

What should I look for when inspecting my dryer vent?

If you want to inspect the dryer vent if it needs dryer vent cleaning, you have to take a look at three important things:

How long does the aluminum tube of the dryer vent have to go through before the hot air and moisture gets out?

How restricted is the tube of the dryer vent and what materials were used, if not plastic or metal, for it?

How much lint has accumulated? If there’s a lot, is it at the point where there’s an immediate fire hazard such as clogging cotton and polyester which are highly flammable?

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