Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets

When renovating a kitchen, there are two options for Kitchen Cabinets: custom or pre-machined kitchen. Even though both options have advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is who is hired to be the installer. Here are some of the features that distinguish the two, along with other details.

The choices

With custom Kitchen Cabinets, kitchen cabinet store, Cabinets City can make any homeowner’s dreams come true. Whether the client prefers a contemporary, classic or trendy kitchen style, they’ll be able to choose what’s best for their kitchen regarding color, material, form, hardware, and more. As for pre-machined cabinets, although they have evolved in recent years, the choice remains limited.

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Sizes do vary

A custom kitchen cabinet fits the needs of any homeowner, from the small cabinet to the largest, while a pre-machined kitchen cabinet is designed according to the client’s needs. Standard sizes will not give you the latitude to use more specific needs.

This cabinet company, Cabinets City talks about special needs, clients think of cooking with unique dimensions or unique shapes – in “L” or “U” – something that brings a lot of complexity. Under such conditions, it can be tough to use pre-machined cabinets without using spacers that ultimately cause the owner to lose storage space and may make the kitchen look a little worse. A custom kitchen cabinet maximizes space and is designed exactly the way the homeowner wants it. Be careful though: for a job well done, you have to consult specialists with a reputation for providing a valuable service.

Another point to consider is the height of the cabinets above and below the counter. This is a must for pre-machined cabinets being installed under the counter. There are several more challenges that come with the use of the pre-made cabinets so make sure to ask the installer for a list.

Personalized service

If a person buys pre-machined cabinets, they should order a lot according to their needs and hire an installer that has a history of installing them. On the other hand, if one of the cabinets is damaged, you will have to call the manufacturer for the replacement, something which can become a headache.

With custom kitchen cabinets, there should not be problems like those associated with pre-made cabinets. If there is a problem, the installers will take care of replacing the cabinet.

Creating a functional kitchen

The two keys to a functional kitchen are the proper planning of the project and the choice of kitchen cabinets. Subsequently, kitchen designers or people who are designing their kitchen should define the five areas essential for an ergonomic and functional kitchen.

The wash area should ideally include three sections including the sink, the dishwasher on one side and the trash can on the other. The cooking zone must be organized around the stove — a cabinet, drawer or zipper for spices, a dedicated space for plates and finally, a drawer for cooking utensils. Everything must be well disposed to increase flow.

Food storage areas should be organized around the fridge and should be near the pantry. This facilitates food storage and preparation while reducing movement.

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