Perfect Porcelain Patio and Paving Solutions

Perfect Porcelain Patio and Paving Solutions

Does a patio and paving material which is fade, stain, slip, watermark and frost resistant sound tempting? Maybe you believe that no such product exists or that if it does, it is prohibitively expensive for the average consumer.

Well, the excellent news is that porcelain paving has all these attributes. at an affordable price, and in a wide range of finishes, colors, patterns, porcelain tiles sizes and shapes. Most tiles are 20mm thick and are crisply cut to give a sophisticated, architectural feel.

Installation is less demanding than with other materials because sealant is not normally required; the maintenance level is negligible.

Fall in love with porcelain tiles today. Visit a porcelain paving supplier’s showroom; companies like Rivar Sand and Gravel have extensive ranges from the leading manufacturers to delight in.

Embrace the trend

Professional designers, landscapers and home installers are turning increasingly to porcelain patio and paving solutions because there is no better option for practicality and aesthetic appeal. Porcelain tiles represent value for money.

Porcelain is non-porous which makes it ideal for damp areas and adjacent to swimming pools, ponds and other water features. Comprised of clay, feldspar, quartz and minerals and fired at up to 1400 degrees Celsius, the porcelain tiles produced by leading manufacturers are superbly robust and will endure use and weather conditions admirably for years.

Install the same porcelain tiles for your patio and paving as indoors; a kitchen, garden room, conservatory or kitchen, for example. Create flow, maximize design allure and bask in the compliments you receive.

Porcelain tiles maintenance levels rest at zero to minimal demand. No special cleaners, no scrubbing, just an occasional hose down.

Porcelain is lighter and more durable than its natural stone and timber alternatives; as porcelain tiles are either polished, textured or wood effect finished, you can savour the lifespan of porcelain and the appearance of a natural material.

Overview: How to install porcelain tiles for a patio and paving project

Measure the installation area. Where tiles may need cutting, as paving reaches buildings or perimeter walls, you need to decide whether you want to use only complete tiles and fill the excess space with gravel, cobbles, setts or planting or cut porcelain tiles down to fit the space exactly. Porcelain paving is very dense to deliver its non-porosity, and this makes cutting difficult. If you’re a novice, you may want to simplify and not cut tiles.

Level the surface that the porcelain tiles are to be laid on. Ensure that the space is clean and dry with no debris. Remember that any slope should be factored in to the patio and paving installation to ensure efficient drainage.

Select the appropriate adhesive e.g. quick dry for cold weather installations. These are recommended instead of concrete. Never use a sand base.

Install a tile as required and remove any air pockets by tamping it down.Wipe excess adhesive from the tile’s surface whilst still wet. Once dry, it can be more challenging to remove.

Leave to dry.


Sublime porcelain patio and paving solutions await; why not investigate today.

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