Rubbish Removal London

Rubbish Removal London

Rubbish Removal London Using Litter Picks

We can all agree that litter scattering all over London is a menace that needs urgent action. With over 8 million residents, London needs regular litter picks to help in the management of the situation. Litter picks have been used for many years in the UK. The masses come together both with the help of the government or other volunteer groups to clean up cities and water resources.

Why is London Littered?

The litter you see lying all over the streets mostly come from people smoking cigarettes and disposing the butts on the streets. Another major concern is the residential homes in the city filling their wheelie bins to the brim such that the overfilled rubbish gets blown into the city. People in London are also fond of throwing food and sweets wrappings on the streets instead of disposing into the dustbins available in the city.

Importance of Litter Picks

According to research that was conducted by Charity Keep Britain Tidy, it requires about 1 billion pounds to clear rubbish from Britain each year. Would the money not rather be used for other developmental projects? As such, litter picks should be embraced by all residents in London so that we can redeem the city to its former glory. The cleaning process starts with you by simply not disposing of litter in the wrong places. If more people participated in litter picks, then more rubbish would be cleared from the city. Here are some of the recent litter picks in London that achieved some commendable milestones towards ensuring we all live in a clean London.

Commendable Litter Picks in London

  • Thames Litter Pick

The pick was done in June 2018, where the local authorities worked together with a group of volunteers and the charity organisation Thame21 Group. The pick was aimed at cleaning up the banks of the river Thames that supplies water throughout London. Well, from the pick, it was discovered that plastics and wet wipes are the main culprits causing blockage on the rivers and harming the ecosystem. At the end of the day, about 130 bags of rubbish were collected.

  • The Capital Clean Up

The project was carried out from May to September of 2015. Close to 4,000 bags of litter were collected from the 230 events that were organised within that time. The litter pick mobilised about 4,600 volunteers all over London for the cleaning exercise. The Capital Clean Up organisation provided the pickers with the necessary equipment for rubbish collection. The litter was then disposed of by the local authorities.

  • Beautiful Boroughs Project

The project runs all year round and is organised by CleanupUk charitable organisation. The project was started to clean up the 10 London boroughs. The litter picks are such that the residents of each borough come together to carry out the cleaning of their respective areas. CleanupUK, however, provides the people with the necessary tools to carry out the litter picks. The project has not only made London clean but has also enabled the residents to interact and know each other. Besides, litter collection should be a collective goal among all people in the UK.

Rubbish Removal London by Clearabee

Litter picks can be a great for rubbish removal London. But where is the waste taken after the picks? Clearabee has a proven record of diverting all of the waste. After collecting all the rubbish from litter picks, it is advisable to involve a rubbish removal London company that can ensure all the litter is disposed of safely. That is where Clearabee comes in, to provide the volunteers with the wheelie bins, skips, and rubbish bags. Later, the biodegradable waste is disposed of while the recyclable rubbish is taken to recycling plants by our hardworking dustmen. We are available on call, and we would be glad to be part of your next litter pick project in London.

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