Updating Your Bedroom Furniture

Updating Your Bedroom Furniture

Granted, old furniture can be charming, and you may even have meaningful memories attached to certain pieces. Still, there is a fine line between antique, sentimental, and just plain outdated, especially with furniture you regularly see and use in the room where you catch some Zs and unwind at the end of your day. If your bedroom furniture can use some updating, there are ways you can create a more appealing look that’s right for your needs and preferred style. Here are some tips and suggestions to consider as you complete this task.

Pick a Consistent Style and Theme

Before you start updating your bedroom furniture determine what you actually want your bedroom to look like when you’re done. This is especially important if your bedroom has become a jumble of different styles over the years. Your update will also be smoother and more coordinated if you have a clear vision to guide you. So, take an objective look at your bedroom and make the following decisions about your update:

  • What bedroom furniture you want to keep
  • What definitely needs to go
  • What the overall style – e.g., modern, traditional, retro, casual, etc. – of your bedroom will be
  • How you might want to adjust the placement of your bedroom’s main furniture pieces

Refinish What You’ll Be keeping

If you have existing pieces you generally like or ones with sentimental value, a cost-effective way to give your bedroom furniture a new look by applying a new finish to them. With refinishing and sanding that’s done right, you should be able to get rid of:

  • Minor dings or nicks
  • Surface scratches
  • Old or outdated finish that no longer fits in with your preferred bedroom decor

Reupholster as Necessary

Chairs and storage benches with cushioned seats you use for your extra blankets are just some of the upholstered furniture surfaces that can be found in a typical bedroom. These are also surfaces that can become worn, torn, and faded over time, especially if you’ve had a slew of household pets that have made their way into your bedroom over the years.

What can breathe new life into any upholstered furniture you may have in your bedroom by either having these surfaces reupholstered professionally or as a do-it-yourself project. Just make sure you watch a few online tutorials or get some tips from a knowledgeable friend before getting started so you don’t make some costly or frustrating mistakes.

Customize-Size Your Mattress

If there is one new thing you’ll absolutely want to invest in when updating your bedroom, it’s your bed. But this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to standard mattress sizes. What’s more, you can get just as creative with bed styles if you are no longer limited to standard mattress sizes!

With a custom size mattress, you’ll ultimately have more freedom with what you sleep on in your revitalized bedroom. And if you get a customized mattress that’s also more supportive, you could even enjoy a better night’s sleep! Possibilities with customize sizing include:

  • A custom size mattress for an oddly shaped bed
  • A mattress designed to fit a custom-created bed that’s not a conventional size
  • A customized mattress that gives you more options with where you place your bed

Make Your Other Bedroom Furniture Selections

Once you have what you want to keep fixed up and your bed and mattress all set, turn your attention to any new bedroom furniture you may need for your update. This also gives you a chance to resolve lingering problems. For instance, if storage space is limited in your bedroom, consider a freestanding wardrobe closet or armoire or even a wooden bed frame with drawers.

If budget is a concern, consider doing your bedroom furniture update in stages. A good place to start is with your bed since it’s often the focal point of a bedroom. Wrap things up with complementary accessories that might include paintings, wall art, and shelves.  

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