Urine Cleanup Service: Tips for Removing Cat Urine Odor

Urine Cleanup Service: Tips for Removing Cat Urine Odor

You have an unwanted guest in your home. It welcomes you whenever you enter your home; even your guests are disgusted by the stench. It isn’t your beloved kitty cat, but the unpleasant odor of its urine, and you seem to be stuck in the situation. Professional urine cleanup service can save you from this stress. Alternatively, there are other ways to get rid of cat urine odor. Here are some useful tips to follow:

  • Remove as much urine as possible. When the urine is left untouched, and they get to dry up, it becomes more of a disaster. When it is noticed that a cat has urinated outside its litter box, clean it up as soon as you can. If the mess was made on the plain surface of the carpet or furniture, clean it using an absorbent paper towel. This would probably not clean up all the urine, but it would be far better off than just leaving the urine to get dried up. If the urine was done on linens, clothing’s or drapes the materials needs to be washed immediately because if the urine stays on the materials for a longer period it stenches and gives an unpleasant odor. Mixing and applying baking soda and detergents or any enzymatic additive are known to be the best for cleaning things that have urine odor. If a wall or any other hard surface is affected by the urine, clean up with a wet rag.
  • Break down the stain and smell with an enzymatic cleaner. Enzymatic cleaners have the ability to totally get rid of the urine, restoring items to their original state. Lots of non-protein based carpets and fabric deodorants would not be able to cover up the persistent unpleasant smell of the urine from the cat.  Cats have a stronger sense of smell than human, no doubt, that implies that if the area of the mess isn’t properly taken care of there is a high chance the cat makes use of the spot again. When the proper and adequate cleaning agents are applied, there is a lesser probability that the cat would return to the spot. The enzymatic cleaners can be purchased in pet stores and home improvement stores. Due procedures must be followed when applying it because when enzymatic cleaners come in contact with other cleaning agents it tends to be less effective.
  • Clean areas with an extracting vacuum but avoid steam cleaner. Another method is the usage of carpet cleaners which would help to properly clean the affected surface. This is best applied when carpets are used mostly. Steam cleaners should be avoided because heat could actually make the situation at hand worse.
  • Follow-up with baking soda-based air freshener. The application of sodium based bicarbonate (which is used to make baking soda) is another perfect way of eliminating the stench. Sprinkling the soda on all the affected areas, after the areas have been cleaned up and just letting it seat for a while, then vacuuming it up.

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