Why Septic Tank Additives Are Just A Waste Of Money

Why Septic Tank Additives Are Just A Waste Of Money

Septic tank additives, on paper, seem very attractive. They offer extended longevity of the septic system in place. They claim that your septic tank will be healthier for a much longer time. Apparently, you won’t have to worry about Septic pumping York PA. All of these beg the question, do septic tank additives actually work?

Unfortunately for every homeowner that believed the hype, septic tank additives are incredibly ineffective. Not only do they not work in reducing the solids that collect over time, but they might also even contaminate the groundwater around the septic system. This compromises the health of everyone living in the area.

What Are Biological Additives?

A buzz phrase that is commonly used by those that are trying to market septic tank additives is that they sell “biological additives”. These will supposedly work by introducing bacteria that you can already find in your septic system. As you use your septic system, the organic waste that you produce will give it the bacteria that it needs to be as efficient. This eliminates the need for any additional bacteria for your septic tank. It’s what the septic tank is used for in the first place, there’s no need to help it work by producing the thing that it produces to maintain its own effectiveness.

What Are Solvents And Compounds?

Organic solvents and inorganic compounds are added into the septic system by introducing harsh chemicals and acids to break down the oils and solids that might clog the septic system. However, these same acids or alkalis can actually break down and destroy the good bacteria that helps maintain your septic system. The same good bacteria that ensure your septic system runs smoothly will be rid of. This disrupts the separation process that takes place inside of your septic tank. In the end, the bad bacteria will be unfiltered leading to the contamination of groundwater in the surrounding soil.

What’s A Way Around Septic Pumping?

If you’re looking for a way to replace the regular septic pumping york pa needed to maintain its efficiency, there’s no way to do it. It is a necessary maintenance responsibility to make sure that all of the buildup of solids are removed from the bottom of your septic system.

Septic pumping ensures that the life of your septic system is pushed to its maximum. There are ways to avoid things from getting bad to worse. You should always have your septic tank inspected every year. This ensures that any emergency septic pumping york pa can be done as soon as possible.

What Are Some Ways To Actively Preserve A Septic System

If you want to preserve the good state of your septic system, in addition to having it inspected annually, you should do these:

Avoid excessive use of water to prevent problems with overflow

Dispose of your oil and grease in the trash, not in the drain

Do your laundry regularly so there’s no extreme strain no your drain field

Don’t flush garbage down the toilet

Always seek expert advice in matters involving your septic system

Septic pumping York PA should be part of your regular septic system maintenance. Contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Services today and let us help you solve your worries.

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