Why You Should Avoid Storm Chasers for Storm Damage Repair Services

Why You Should Avoid Storm Chasers for Storm Damage Repair Services

While it is right to seek out situations where your skill set is considered useful and wanted, it isn’t right to perform a task without any effort at being professional at executing the task. Such is the problem with storm chasers. These companies frequently relocate, always finding a place that has severe weathers and exploiting the victims of such weather by offering to help them out in their time of distress. The problem is they don’t offer top-notch storm damage repair services, and you might end up spending twice the amount you should have spent originally.

The Pitfalls of Hiring a Storm Chasing Company

It goes without saying that a crew that makes up a storm chasing company have very little experience in carrying out storm damage repair services as their aim isn’t really to offer professional repairs but to get as much money as they can from you and your insurance company. Indeed the workers are not even subjected to intense interview and evaluation before they are hired. This means that the probability of you ending up with a professional crew is a very slim one.

Apart from their actual working crew, they also employ people that are termed, salespeople. These are the ones that serve as the intermediary between them and the insurance companies and the homeowners. Just like the actual working crew, they are employed without much evaluation and put into the field after being trained to present themselves as insurance specialists. The problem is their inexperience might cause them to wrongly estimate the damage done and to make promises that the storm chasers can’t meet. When this happens, there are only two options open to the company; they either try to get more money from the insurance, and if that fails, they try to get the money from you. When that also fails, then there is a case of incomplete restoration, and you are left to deal with the consequences of that.

Since these storm chasers frequently move from one city to another in search of places with terrible weather conditions, they often employ tricks that can make them pass off as a local company to their potential customers in whichever locale they end up in. Sometimes they do this by “purchasing” an affiliation with other different true local contractors and use their name and licenses to operate in the locale. What the owners of these local companies don’t know is that the job quality of these storm chasing companies are beyond abominable and even the money they might have left with the “parent” company to cover all warranty claims is never enough.

What You Must Do

Never sign off with a storm damage repair company if you haven’t ascertained for certain if they would render services that meet your repair needs and would be there to assist you in the future. In essence, you must first find out if the company you are choosing isn’t just a storm chaser looking to rip you of your money. You must also find out if the crew is indeed an established Qualified Local Contractor before you give them the green light to go ahead with the job.

It isn’t just about your property; it’s about your life too, so you must be careful when choosing the company that will help you restore your home to optimal living conditions.

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